Exploring Functions and Graphing Worksheet  For repeated use in conjunction with prompts that you provide, this worksheet gives students opportunities to practice skills and connect concepts related to functions and graphing.  Modify as needed for your setting or download as a PDF.

Poll Everywhere  A simple polling tool that works via texting or computer; you can show real-time results to class.  Easy to make and share.

Voki  Create an avatar to use in your classroom.

GED® Mathematics Formula Sheet

Annenberg Learner  Multi-level videos, interactives, and lesson plans


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Angle-a-trons (2:04)  Measure angles without a protractor!  A little too fast to show in class without support.  Try teaching the concept yourself, presenting it with supports, or sharing it in a place where students can repeatedly view it.

Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism  (4:42)  A visual explanation.  Great use of vocabulary; plenty of opportunities to add discussion about mathematical properties, algebraic thinking, and alternate solution pathways.

Area of a Circle Formula Explained(2:47)  A visual explanation.

Surface Area of a Cylinder (3:08)  A visual explanation.  Could your class use the rules of algebra to connect this explanation to the formula given on the GED formula sheet?

Pythagorean Theorem (2:37)  An interesting explanation a little beyond others that I have seen.