teaching and learning

Planning Tools

Planning Math for a Multilevel Classroom

A planning worksheet to plan an engaging whole-group lesson for learners in a multi-level classroom

CCRS Major Work of the Levels

A list of priority mathematics topics selected from the College and Career Readiness Standards


A reference sheet for incorporating the Levels of Knowing Mathematics and various Depth of Knowledge levels into instruction

Planning the Levels of Knowing

A planning worksheet for incorporating the Levels of Knowing Mathematics into instruction

MNI Components of Numeracy Rubric and Planning Tool (2011)

A planning worksheet for incorporating the Components of Numeracy into instruction

Numerical Cognition (for further study)

Journal of Numerical Cognition

a scholarly forum for the focused discussion of research into numerical cognition


Career and College Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS) (2013)

National Adult Education standards

The Components of Numeracy (2006)

A foundational document for adult numeracy instruction

Critical Thinking - Why Is It So Hard to Teach? (2007)

Discusses components of critical thinking.  How can adult educators effectively incorporate more of these components into classroom activities?

TEAL Fact Sheets (various, 2010 through more recent)

Research-based summaries of key adult education teaching and learning principles

Recorded webinars and webcasts

Mathematical Practices in Adult Education Series of 8 webcasts

Eight short webcasts, one for each of the Mathematical Practices, include facilitation questions, sample activities, classroom video and more

Linking arrays and area models to the standard multiplication algorithm

What questions can you investigate after watching this video?

E-quip Episodes, Seasons 1 & 2 on the MN ABE YouTube Channel

Visual and conversational numeracy webinars that incorporate teacher knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and 2014 GED content

Adult Numeracy and English Learners

Math Is About Numbers, So It's Easier For English Learners, Right?

An article introducing the complexities of learning math as an English learner.

Knowledge Base of Adult Educators Teaching Numeracy

A visual model describing areas of knowledge and skill needed for adult educators to be equipped for effective numeracy instruction

Knowledge Base of Adult Educators Teaching Numeracy Quiz

Explore your own areas of strength and areas needing development by taking this one-page quiz.  Use the model above to make a plan based on your quiz results.